12-15 Jun 2023 Nantes (France)

IMX 2023 Worshop: Visual attention in Multimedia Experience


Visual attention is one of the fundamental mechanisms of human perception. It guides our understanding of the visualized scene and thus strongly impacts the human experience. The Visual Attention IMX workshop aims to bring together researchers and industries in order to discuss the challenges of taking visual attention into account for the analysis and the understanding of human behavior for different applications ranging from the quality of user experience, medical and industry applications. More specifically, we propose to address the following points:

  • Define visual attention
  • Are there several categories of visual attention?
  • How to consider visual attention?
  • How to analyze visual attention data
  • How to infer a specific behavior from visual attention?

We will mainly focus on the following areas: 

  • Medical imaging 
  • Behavior analysis for specific disorders
  • Cultural heritage: public behavior analysis
  • Multimedia data: user experience
  • Metaverse user experience

Visual Attention IMX is a half-day workshop of the IMX 2023 Conference,


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